Mobile Development

The Smaller The Better

Mobile is becoming a world view, customers are connected just just 24/7 but also on the go. This is mostly personified in mobile devices accounting for 75% of global internet usage.

There are 18 million smartphone users in Nigeria, couple that with the 80% mobile penetration rate in Africa, you then realise how ubiquitous mobile is getting  This is why we are taking a lead role in transforming everything around you to fit straight to your fingertips.

Whatever the idea, however complex or otherwise, we make it mobile. So what are you waiting for? Give us a buzz

Web Development

We “Webify” Your Business

Internet penetration in Nigeria alone stands at 53%, the highest in Africa and that is in a country with relatively higher tariffs. This is not far fetched from the global penetration rate of 51%.

Moral of the story? Your customers and potential customers live online and your website is your home. So regardless of how good your services are, the average customer makes base judgement by the UI/UX of your website.

And like all marketing tricks, it’s a game of perception. We have the right people in-house to bring your business to life with the power of the web in way that defy imagination.

When building for Nigeria and the African market, think mobile first. We have built world class websites for some of the biggest brands in the multiple sectors. Interested? Click here