Digital Marketing

We Live Digital

With over 50% of purchase decision entailing multi-platform and cross device funnel touch points, you really want to capture your market segment optimally, we do that without breaking a sweat.

Take a leap of faith and send us a brief and the rest would be positive history

Digital Media Buying and Planning

We Buy Smart

A lot of our digital media buying exploits entail precise audience targeting and ruthless bid optimization. Even more sacrosanct to our strategy is relentless conversion tracking across users’ devices. We like to put it as never shooting blind. We go even a notch higher in working with our custom DMP(Data Management Platform) in refining and filtering audiences for optimal Ad performance. And our DSP (Demand Side Platform)? We do wonders with it.

We call it Creaspice DSP.

With Creaspice DSP, our real time bidding goes pitch perfect, with bid responses seamlessly aligning with bid requests as a result properly pre-configured signals. With Creaspice we are able to reach over 40 million Nigerians online.


Mobile Marketing

We Know Mobile By Heart

For the digital savvy brands, more than half of all consumers/customers travel through the conversion funnel with a mobile first orientation, which is why we continuously push the limits of helping brands milk the opportunities of mobile marketing. We are mobile freaks with a capital “M”.

With Africa, the relevance of mobile cannot be over emphasised. Over 70% of all internet activity in Nigeria for instance is driven by mobile. With social platforms like Facebook mobile penetration is 100%.

Think Nigeria/Africa, think mobile.


Email Marketing

We Market with Emails Too

With a database of over 500,000  profiled email addresses, we have a front row seat with email marketing. More interestingly is our nuance in running prospecting campaigns to help you curate fresh set of email leads specific for your business. Trust us when we say we have load of email marketing tricks up our sleeves.

Email remains one of the top converting digital channels till today.

Social Media Optimization and Marketing

We Engineer The Social World

Sticking to advertising alone does not cut it anymore. Not only are there multiple touchpoints that influence interaction with your business, narratives from others about your brand on social media are important in wooing customers. A case in point is that approximately 50% of social media users rely on social media for news. This is why we have mastered the art and science of taking advantage of social media algorithms in positioning your brand for positive conversation on social media. All you need do is “holla” at us and we will make you the life of the social media party.

Social media is a big deal today for brands as this is where your target audience spend all their time. It is important as a brand to add value to them across these channels. We can help with that as we have experience on running some of the largest and most successful digital campaigns in Nigeria.

Content and Video Strategy

If Content is King, We Are The King Makers

Brands need to develop content strategies that aligns with their philosophies but at the same time adds value to their TA. When creating content, ensure that it either entertains, informs and educates them at the very least.

Try us, and we would crown you a perfect king.


Influencer Marketing

Influencing is Good for Business But No One Does It Alone

Let’s be honest, no one is a one man army, that includes you and we yes, us. This is mostly personified in the web like nature of the online space (social media) with certain users usually holding their own in certain circus or discourse.

It only adheres to logic to work with influencers that align with your brand values to tilt sentiments in your favour. But wait right there! There are over 2 billion internet users with about 40 million coming from Nigeria, so how do you narrow down influencers that optimally fulfil your goal?

This is where we come in, with our proprietary tools, we identify not just industry relevant influencers, but ones with relevant geo-local followership. And the best part? You don’t have to do a thing, we just make you go viral like a disease everyone wants.

Online Reputation Management

We Shield Your Reputation, We Take The Heat

With over 6.5 Billion search queries daily world-wide, and the constantly increasing reliance on online as source of information, brands have never been more vulnerable to bad publicity.

Think about it, any 8 year old can type a few words online and before you lift a spoon, you are in the news for the wrong reasons. The silver lining here is that we exist, for you, for your reputation and for your brand. This is Media Intelligence.

We help you stay on top of billions of real-time editorial, blog, and social media conversations, and extract the insights you need to understand and drive brand perception for your company. So chat us up, we are waiting.

Digital Training

We Keep The Field Alive

For all our ingenuity, we feel we owe it to ourselves to constantly breed the next generation of “smart creatives” in the digital space. So do you have a team you need to align with tenets of the digital world or a group of executives that need base digital knowledge to interface with clients and vendors.

Say no more, we are all about that. Just give us a chat.